The Cycle

I don’t believe in one over the other. Do you?

To me, they both have biologically responses and both affect our brain and physiology.

We have a choice in what we feed our brains and body every single day and both of these choices make up who we are.

If we are not happy or content with our current status of being, we can change it. Some don’t believe that to be true and find themselves stuck where they are happy. Sometimes they get inspired to make changes but it doesn’t last due to the underlying disbelief in their efforts.

When it comes to nutritional choices, I’ve come a long way and can assure you that you can make changes to better your health, performance and overall quality of life.

When it comes to the mental side of things, I had a deep rooted belief that I was always going to be broke, I wasn’t capable of “success” outside of BMX, and that I was going to work a job when I was done riding BMX professionally because I had no value to offer the world and was destined to work a job for someone else.

Once I began learning how both the mind & body really work, my perspective shifted in profound ways. I began to empower myself with tools to take back my health and to achieve success in other areas of my life like my relationships, starting my own business, my education, the ability to spread my message and purpose to support others around the world, manifesting amazing people and experiences in my life, and the list goes on.

What we choose to consume (food/beverage) affects our physiology and our brain, which in return affects our thinking. What we choose to consume in terms of content and time with people within our lives affects our thinking, which influences the choices we make nutritionally.

As you can see, it’s a cycle that continues until we’ve become conscious of it and make a choice to optimize areas of our lives we desire to do so.

I was one of the many to commonly say “I’m fine now, so why do I need to change”. Then, when I was 21, my life flipped upside down when I was told I may die of a brain tumor.

Change starts with consciousness, or awareness, and progresses with a desire to change and optimize choices.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Is Keto hard or is it hard to break your food addictions?

I cringe when people say “keto is hard” or “I can’t follow keto because____”.

It’s not hard and anyone who wants to create the best version of themselves can apply the fundamentals of a ketogenic diet if I and countless others who travel, are busy, or had past food/sugar addictions can.

If someone’s willing to change their mindset and stop making excuses to hide behind, any type of change is possible.

It’s not that “keto is hard”, the reality is that the person saying this may have food/sugar addictions they’re not addressing, isn’t educated on the topic, or is being held back from emotions of fear.

This was the case for me when addressing my lifestyle and really beginning to audit my choices.

Then a brain tumor almost killed me in 2010 but thankfully I experienced this because that’s what got me to get over my excuses and fight/change for my life.

It was that emotion of fear for my life tied to that experience that led me on the path I’m on today and has helped me stay persistent and consistent while dropping the excuses to play small.

My biggest struggle with my life purpose today is helping others overcome their past selves and their excuses.

Not everyone has a wake up call as I had to fuel their fire of change.

That’s why a WHY or a purpose is so critical for all of us. Vanity purposes, in my opinion, are not complete. There’s always a deeper rooted motive to look good and it comes down to our past and the emotional baggage that we’ve brought into our adults years.

Creating a future version of ourself, mentally and physically, I find leads others to change for their better when becoming conscious to this level of thinking.

It’s not guaranteed that tomorrow will come, yet so many of us believe it will. I was one of those thinkers before I learned the hard way.

It’s my mission to get people proactive about their future to be as healthy, happy and successful as possible.

Are you being defined by your vision for the future or the past experiences you’ve had?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Actions > Theory

The desire and vision are all that matter in the beginning.

No amount of planning or education will get you where you want to go without taking action.

I know so many people that are addicted to learning as they are insecure or their abilities to achieve their desires and scared to take action, so they learn more and work on more complicated plans.

Usually fear of failure and judgment, but I’ve also experienced fear of success thinking “what will people think of me when I accomplish this” or having to go through with even more action each step we reach along the journey.

Wr are also often unclear of our life vision and the belief that our desires are possible to posses.

There’s a ton of background context leading to these false beliefs based on social conditioning, subconscious programming from a young age, and our who stepping in telling us all the reasons not to act in an effort to keep us safe.

Taking action will teach you more about yourself and the reality of the desire and journey to obtain said desire than any amount of education.

Learning without doing is learning theory. I see so many people teaching theory out of fear to act, for whatever reason fear presents itself in their perspectives. How can someone teach a topic or help others device a plan if they have no hands on experience?

I am a big fan of walking my talk and try to never teach something I have no personal experience with, because that’s theory. Just because you understand something and memorized the topic, doesn’t mean you know the application of this topic. Here’s where I have issues with people “walking their talk” as I believe that’s all that matters when teaching others or learning from someone.

A degree doesn’t mean shit to me. Multiple degrees don’t mean shit. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work, based on actual experience and not theory, means the world to me and will always trump words.

Actions > words.

Life experience > education without action.

Truth > theory.

Gratitude > fear.

Purpose > self.

Do you take action or are you a subject of paralysis analysis?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Desire>Goal>Action=Set In Motion

In honor of the #KetoExerciseChallenge hosted by KetoCoach and GoodyBeats on Instagram, I thought this quote was pretty fitting.

To me, exercise isn’t anything specific or intensive. It’s moving the body every day in a way that’s sustainable.

That said, it’s always context-driven to the individual.

Personally, even tho I don’t compete, I still ride BMX at an elite level and in doing so want my training to protect me from potential injuries.

Therefore, my training is programmed and involves the gym.

The purpose of this challenge is to get you moving your body for 20 minutes a day in whatever setting you feel is best. That could mean the gym or it could mean riding a bike, jogging, hiking, climbing, a sport, yoga, Pilates, etc.

Bottom line, move your body in a way that serves your goals. If your goals require more conscious programming and training, then you may find yourself in the gym more than 20 minutes a day. If your goal is to move regularly and in a fun manner, the latter examples may be a suitable choice per your goal.

There no right or wrong when we’re talking Action that truly aligns with our goals.

It all comes down to perspective!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

It Was Worth It

The life I live today is AMAZING.

It’s for sure not “easy” although I love every aspect of it, therefore eliminating the debate over “easy” and “hard”. It’s just what I want to do with my life.

Along the way, there have been many obstacles that have helped get me to where I am today: 3 brain tumor diagnosis, torn ACL, countless concussions, living off my younger brother couch and out of my car when I was broke, depression, being physically and verbally abused as a child by a step father, being dropped from my bike sponsor mid recovery from surgery, and losing friends and family close to me to suicide.

Non the less, every obstacle, set back, and level of pain has taught me a valuable lesson and that is that shit could always be worse.

Through it all, I’ve been tempted over and over again with opportunity to make life “easier” as the cost of my integrity.

Whether it was taking a pay check to represent a brand that went so against what I stand for or even giving up on all the things I’m actively pursuing, including my own life.

The desire for the life I envision has been so strong it’s brought me out of very dark hole I’ve been in and kept me from taking the “easy route” when presented.

By doing so, it’s allowed me to continue down the path of living the life I desire and to choose to become who I want to be.

I’m grateful for my dedication to my core values and for all the love and support you all continue to show me as I navigate this life journey and sharing with all of you.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

The Grey Matters Podcast w/ Josh Perry & Jackie Lauricella

I started a podcast with my best friend and life partner, Jackie

“Grey Matters” as a title is a play on words. Grey matter is a vital part of the brain containing neurons and glial cells, imperative for motor function, processing thoughts, perception of life and emotions. We believe overall health and well being should start and focus on the brain & mind. We thought this would be appropriate because not only will our content and conversations focus on brain health, it will also focus on the grey areas. Most people live their lives in a grey area. Everyone is an individual & what works for one person, may not provide the same results for another. Health and wellness aren’t always black or white, right or wrong, with or against societal norms. That’s why grey areas matter. At the Grey Matters podcast, we embrace both grey areas and grey matter & it is our goal to explore and discuss all things grey.

Episode 2 is now live where we share our story of how we became “us”.

A new episode will be out every Monday at 730am EST.

To check out both episodes and to subscribe, click here.

To watch, click here.


Josh P.

RIP Danny 1 Year Today

1 year ago my little brother took his life.

I still don’t understand it and it’s the most bizarre thing to comprehend in my life and drives me insane when I get deep in my thinking about the scenario and seeing him in his coffin.

I wasn’t there to protect him as I have always done my best to do since we were kids and even as adults.

My mom told us when we were younger I’d be super protective over him when he was born and would hassle strangers when they’d say how cute Danny was to my mom.

The fact that I wasn’t there, can’t change what happened, and didn’t do my job as an older brother haunts me every day and is something I’ll never let go of fully.

The fact he’s not here but I am confuses me given my own health circumstances but I’d also why I don’t ever slow down with my goals to make an impact on this earth.

The only thing that brings me some sort of relief is that I bring his ashes with me everywhere I go around the world on my wrist and that I share what he means to me any chance I get.

I talk about Danny, and @davemirra, on stage as they’re the driving fuel to all I do in sharing my story and passions today.

I can’t go back and save them but I can share with all of YOU and hope you implement the tools I share and share with those you love or don’t even know.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Neurotransmitters Start in the Gut

This is why what you eat is so important, especially if you experience any kind of symptom with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, anger, lack of “will power”, brain fog, etc. It starts in the gut then the brian goes to work setting off other chain reactions in the body. Thanks, Dr Mark Hyman and Dr David Perlmutter, for all you do.