As a pro #bmx athlete & brain tumor survivor, I’ve gone through many challenges in life. #Motivation has always been the determining factor at overcoming each challenge. I believe this to be true for any person.

What helps?

  1. A Clear Vision for your life with a strong Goal, WHY, or Purpose.
  2. Health: Mindset, Nutrition & Fitness.
  3. Music.

My Cape Cod brother, Tommy Rowland’s music motivates me each and every day. His story and affirmations in his music inspire me to reach further and further for greatness.

Shit is going to happen in life and that’s just reality. What separates people that reach greatness from the norm is motivation to continue when times get time.

I challenge you all to foster a new perspective next time you come across a challenge or hardship. At the end of the day, there are no failures. Just opportunities to learn how to succeed moving forward. That is, if we CHOOSE to see if that way. 💚✌️

-Josh P.

“See lately I’ve been talking shit like two commas is light. And lately the shit I’m talking manifests in my life. Lately I hear they words and it’s a cry of neglection. I never bragged the way I do when it wasn’t the truth.” – Rowlan

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