We NEED Adversity

I would complain about things in my life, let alone what was outside of my immediate and selfish perspective that I would then complain about.

I lived my life fueled by anger, spite, and on a mission to prove abusive people in my life wrong.

After many wake up calls (3 brain tumor diagnosis, my main bike sponsor dropping me out of the blue mid ACL recovery, multiple TBI’s, debt, etc.) I decided to stop making excuses for why I couldn’t do or have something I desired.

I then took accountability for my life and started making small shifts that led to massive changes.

I sacrificed what I had left after my sponsor giving me the boot and set myself on a path fueled by gratitude and love with a very clear reason as to WHY I was doing what I was doing.

That why was PURPOSE.

A purpose to help others reach their full potential with health, happiness, and success, without the suffering we choose upon ourselves.

The reality is, we all face some sort of shit in our lives.

Perspective is essential, tho!

It could always be worse.

Anyone reading this, especially from a smart phone, is winning.

The belief we choose about our life and limitations dictates our reality and we become a slave to external sources when we’re all incredibly capable of manifesting a life we belief we deserve.

What do YOU believe is the life YOU deserve and what are you willing to do for it?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️