We NEED Adversity

3 years ago I got dropped from my bike sponsor halfway through ACL recovery with no notice.

That was my main source of income that I risked my life to obtain and represent the brand. It was $600/month but it paid my rent, utilities, and phone bill.

Thankfully, my mom taught me how to save and budget from an early age so I was fine. Fueled by spite, anger and rejection, I worked my butt off and placed top 3 in my first contest back.

That is one of many adversities I’ve used for my advantage.

It fueled my drive for success and challenged me to think of ways to replace that $600/month.

It put me on a new path where that’s not even 1/10 of my income per month today. I find the reason I live with so much abundance and success today is that I’m 100% on PURPOSE to serve and support.

I realize all the “problems” and “bad things happening to me” back then was a result of my choices in life and not having accountability for my reality.

Also, because I was solely on self and not grateful for the “little” I had, which could be seen as “much” to others.

Point of this story is to share how necessary adversity is for us to grow and progress past our current reality. Not just financially, but spiritually, personally, creatively, etc.

What adversity have you experienced and used for your?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️