The Grey Matters Podcast w/ Josh Perry & Jackie Lauricella

I started a podcast with my best friend and life partner, Jackie

“Grey Matters” as a title is a play on words. Grey matter is a vital part of the brain containing neurons and glial cells, imperative for motor function, processing thoughts, perception of life and emotions. We believe overall health and well being should start and focus on the brain & mind. We thought this would be appropriate because not only will our content and conversations focus on brain health, it will also focus on the grey areas. Most people live their lives in a grey area. Everyone is an individual & what works for one person, may not provide the same results for another. Health and wellness aren’t always black or white, right or wrong, with or against societal norms. That’s why grey areas matter. At the Grey Matters podcast, we embrace both grey areas and grey matter & it is our goal to explore and discuss all things grey.

Episode 2 is now live where we share our story of how we became “us”.

A new episode will be out every Monday at 730am EST.

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Josh P.

Uninspired “WORK”

We worry & focus on money too much!

Money is just a tool.

It’s important yet has no true value or meaning other than what we instill upon it. 

If you had a million dollars, would you be happy? If it just sat in a room & you couldn’t take it out or “spend” it, would you sill love it so much? Of course not. It’s not the money, it’s what you’d do with it and the emotional response it’d bring with it.

I encourage all of us to focus on the things we enjoy in life, the things we love doing most or would love to do most, and the emotional state it’d bring along with doing these things. Not the money.

When we focus on the things we love, actively pursue those things we love, and create that emotional response and space of the energy we live in, we can then attract the money. It may not show up in the form of a lump sum in your bank account. But, it’ll show up in the form of opportunity.

There is plenty of money out there for us all to live abundant lives. We just much choose to recognize it and believe we are all worthy of receiving it.

Uninspired work to make a dollar doesn’t lead to fulfillment and abundance. It may pay the bills but always have you working to make that money rather than enjoying what you’re doing and contributing to society as your best and happiest version that we all owe the universe and one another.

Wouldn’t you rather be inspired to contribute your talents, passions, skills, help, love, etc. to the world and show up happy and motivated every day? Or would you rather wake up dreading your daily tasks and way of providing for yourself, thus keeping you uninspired, unhappy, stressed, and feeling in lack?

I choose inspired work. I choose to work for a purpose I believe in. I choose the belief that I am worthy of abundance and that we all are, and that we all have something unique to contribute. I choose love!

It’s a belief. People are not just rich or poor because that is so. It’s a belief in which they make that a reality or sustain that reality.

We can choose to see the world as it is and be “right” in our claims about why it is so, or we can choose to make a difference in our lives and live an inspired and happy life. It’s a choice. Not a fact.

What do you choose? 💚✌️


-Josh P.